We have been working for years on innovative, interesting and challenging projects focusing on the most advanced technologies (among the first to take on Node.JS and Angular for Enterprise development).

We also have extensive experience in managing systems, outsourcing and providing IT services and solutions. 

Our customers enjoy maximized production at minimum time and at predictable costs.



From the first meeting to the launch, we are committed to you.

Enterprises Innovation

Proven track record of advancing organizations to new and uprising technology stacks.


Architecture & Software design

We take pride in architecting our solutions and we make sure you have well structured foundations.

Product & Project involvement

We are always part of defining the product while still managing the project and the timeline. 


Technological Stack 

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our team


Our team consists of top-notch developers who work on unique solutions and continuously grow their skill-set.

Meet our Founders



A Fullstack Developer/Manager/CTO with 15 years of experience in end to end product development, as a Team Leader and R&D Manager in various software groups.   

Tech stacks - Javascript/TypeScript, CSS, HTML, Angular, Node.js, C# (Client & Server).

Adam Peled



A Fullstack Developer/Manager/Architect/CTO with over 20 years of hands on experience in software development, architecture and management of various software groups.

Specializes in Javascript/TypeScript, CSS, HTML, Angular, Node.js, C# (Client & Server), Python, Java, Scala and Big Data.



Oded Levy



Meet our Seniors

Shira Trabelsi,

Team Leader 

“Razor Grip is not just another job. We have plenty of breaking edge technologies, super interesting projects and awesome people, never boring, always going forward and enjoying doing your job. “

Shira Trabelsi

Team Leader 

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shutterstock_1207082911 copy.png

Razor Grip has always enabled me to move forward and experiment with the newest and most challenging technologies, and in interesting work environments.

In addition, Razor Grip is a family, made up of strong, professional individuals who are always helping each other and pushing forward.

Yehiel Amar

Senior Full-Stack Developer

Yehiel Amar,

Senior Full-Stack Developer


“Razor Grip is more than your average workplace - I feel like I’m always moving forward, continue learning and working on the latest tech, but the real surprising thing is that it almost feels like a family.” 

Yonatan Lilling,

Senior Full-Stack Developer

Yonatan Lilling

Senior Full-Stack Developer


Think you got what it takes? 

we're always looking for talents.